Yoga som inredning – asanaspåslakan i sängen

Vad sägs om asanas i sängen, Namastilo.com har kommit ut med detta orange påskalakanset fullt av yogapositioner.

Finns att köpa för 1044 kronor på overstock.com.

Vi gillar verkligen skaparnas Style Sutras:

be so world-rockingly luminous, inside and out, that everyone you meet has to wear shades.
self-expression is your birthright.
yoga wear can go everywhere. mix with creative care. add doses of aplomb and flair.
find love for every molecule of your being.
blend yoga, street, vintage, and elite.
spirituality and style aren’t mutually exclusive.
not everything has to cost an arm and a leg. you need those for cartwheels, diy, and dancing.
you are divine. throw a party — on your person, in your heart, with your life!

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