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“The difference between an ordinary person and the yogi is how they view their emotions and how they react to them. An ordinary person will automatically accept or reject them, arousing the attachments or aversions that result in the accumulation of negative karma. A yogi however, perceives everything that arises in its natural pristine state, without allowing grasping or avoiding into his perception.” ~ Rinpoche

Thanks for the reminder, Rinpoche.

I have many longings. And longing is a tricky emotion. It first appears as so uncomfortable, yet … has a unique sweetness to it.

I have often tried to run far away from longing. Rinpoche reminds me of my true nature, and the beauty of the pure experience of any emotion.

One of my greatest longings is to always live where the sun shines warmly.

To always be warm. Under a big sun. In nature.

I have been blessed to love many places in my life. I have loved India. I have loved Nepal. I have loved Australia. I have loved California. I have loved Italy, too.

But I don’t know today where it is, that I would love to live again under the sun. And be warm. In nature.

I don’t have the next place identified, and can’t really take any specific action towards it.

So now my longing is to find out where it is.

And which circumstances and beings that will bring me there.

I long to find out. And I will – I have asked Ganesh, under the Solstice, to remove all obstacles between me and it all!

It is a delicious longing. I flow with it.


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