Sexual yoga and the new paradigms of partnership

We are evolving and changing into a different way of life.
A major shift in consciousness is taking place, right before our eyes. (And it’s happening faster and faster, too.)
Relationships take on different forms than those of the last generations.

Yoga is the state of liberation.

And its also a practice in many ways of living.
The target of the practice is always the same: the mind.
The mind that creates the illusory, and sense perceived, separation from our natural state of liberation.

Asanas on the mat is one way of living yoga.
Breath is one. Breath is life – Prana.
To create harmony and harmlessness in the environment we live in.
And the giving of our innermost selves – the depth of God – through sexual love.

Sexual yoga.

Yoga as in the longing, and hesitation, we have to give of our innermost selves through sexual unity.
The openness that is everything there is – and that we are.

I want to recommend highly, the work of yogi David Deida.
What he teaches on sexual yoga, and the new paradigms of partnership, is simply the best I have come across over my 20+ years of expansion in the subject.
You find his website here.
And here’s also a book recommendation, one of his many titles.

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