Peace out from New York

Where would the first trend of ignoring ”yoga celebrities” and the massive ”spiritual fashion” urban movement take place, if not in NYC.

Or, well. Let’s at least say that is where media puts light on it.
But I love the message of yoga-to-the-people in this article in New York Times.

But then again. We just need to head out of the metropolitan media struck cities in the US and other countries, and go have a yoga practice country side, or in a small town, or rural area, or at a remote Panamanian beach community, or African desert, or in India (!!!) – and we won’t even have to think of such trends.

Yoga remains untouched by all of our human ego’s behaviour of having a blast playing around with it. : )
In fact, I think it chuckles right now, and finds us humans very cute.



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