Jonathan Monks SirsasanaDen 9-11 maj är det dags för Yoga Games, en av yogalärarna är Jonathan Monks. Här berättar han för oss om sitt yoga utövande, sin syn på yoga, vad yogan betyder för honom och om hur han ser dialogen som ett första steg mot union.

Jag började översätta Jonathans svar men sen insåg jag att min översättning inte alls gjorde honom rättvisa, därför är hans svar på engelska. Hoppas det fungerar, lämna gärna en kommentar nedan om vad du tycker om det.

Vilken är den största förändringen, eller påverkan som du kan se att yogan har på dina elever och människor du möter i yogans värld?
– I have just spent the entire weekend teaching on the Sadhana course, during which, as during the time I recently spent with Mithila’s Swedish crew, much of our time was spent in laughter and joy. So the biggest change in Yogamonks students seems to be the ability to open, join and enjoy what’s going on around them.

Du har studerat yoga under en lång tid, hur har ditt utövande förändrats under åren?
– Many years ago I began a daily practice of what I was good at thinking it was yoga and become better at it. Then along come my teachers and they continue to show me correct practice and where my Ego gets in the way of it, which is tough but incredibly nourishing. So I’d say its greatest change has been the nourishment I gain from my daily practice.

Vad kommer du att fokusera på under Yoga Games?
– Yogagames this year will be about offering the simplicity of some of the principals of a yogamonks practice and through these, the peace and stillness it can reveal.

Vad är yoga för dig?
– Yoga has become my life’s work. To drop every part of myself which is in the way until I and yoga are one. Though closer than I’ve ever been, it still seems there’s some way to go…

Jag har också hört att du ibland kan vara lite hård och säga saker som kan gör människor ledsna, för att krossa deras egon, har du något som du vill säga om detta?
– It is never my intention to crush people’s ego’s, but I am a passionate teacher who will directly address what I feel is in the way of a student seeing what is on offer. Often this means saying things which may well be unpalatable. Some respond by taking this opportunity and choosing to reach beyond the comment into what’s being offered. Others choose to take the comments to heart which would indeed result in hurt. I do however empathise deeply with all the students as I know how hard moving beyond our limitations can be. And if someone points out I am wrong in my judgement, I am more than happy, for this leads to dialogue and dialogue is a beginning step toward union.

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