Hej Om,

Jag undrar lite om det är möjligt att överleva utan att äta. Vad ska man göra om man vill lära sig att överleva utan mat? Och kan man leva flera hundra år?

Tack på förhand, undrande läsare


I have to start with that the true purpose of yoga, it is to find liberation from the ego,
Patanjali point out that is called siddhis, and are hindrance on the path to Moksha, liberation, and the yogi should not be distracted by them even when they occur spontanesly.

Still having said that I most admit that it’s a very interesting subject. That I really love.

Many yogis in the past, publicly renounced physical food, for getting nourished by prana,
Prana can be assimilated in different ways, I will mention a few.
Either through pranayama, by gazing into a fire or into the sun, or by pure devoution.
All this teqnices activates a subchakra in the headregion that is responsible for extracting a liquid called Amrita (nectar of immortality).
This stops the aging or at least slows it down and physical food can be renounced.

Preparation for this usually takes a long time.
-I recommend to change to a pure vegetarian diet for at least some years
-perfecting all the yamas and niyams, without this foundation it is very difficult and even if you achive your goal without the foundation, you will get lost in the ego.
-cleaning your familykarma, get rid of all mother and father projections.
-start by doing 5 hours yoga, pranayama, meditation every day, and for there you will see where your inner Guru takes you.


When you achive your goal you may find that it also have some social bieffects.
Your relation with people will change. Because your vibration and life will be so different from the rest of society
You may loose all your friends and be isolated.

If you want more information you can search for breatharienJasmuhen, that are helping people to change into pure prana.
There is also a couple of Indian sunyogis that have workshops in India and sometimes in the west.

Good luck with the quest of immortality.

Om Mokshananda

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