Good morning, God

Awakening is a very powerful time of the day for me.

I exit the deep unconscious state, ascend into the conscious.
Leaving my last nights grave to enter life again.

I am often deeply, or fully, in touch with the Source at this time.
It communicates, and I can really listen.

This morning, I woke up from my alarm and from my cats persistant licking of my fingers, purring and meowing away, kneading dough with her paws on my pillow.

It was 6.30 and I actually decided to wake up and not snooze for an extra hour … otherwise one of my favorite things to do.

So I disabled my alarm, and I also disabled the mute button on my phone, something I usually never do at this time,
I usually let it be on mute for another hour or so, until I’ve done my time of meditation and such.
But this morning I turned the sound on.

I kissed kitty and said good morning to her.
I also said, ”Good morning, God”, as I do each morning, and with my next breath added, ”I miss my hippie man”.

Never said that waking up before.
It’s now 6.33.

6.35 my phone receives a text.

It’s my hippie man (in a country far away) and his great love pouring through.
I haven’t received a text from him for at least four weeks before today.
Texting didn’t work while I was in the US, and we usually write emails, or call.

That to me is being with God.
That to me is what ”God” is.
God or Goddess the Source, the Divinity, the great Spirit, Atman, Pure Consciousness, Being, the inexplicable, yet so knowable.

It doesn’t just happen upon awakening, it happens all the time (but this was such a delicious example).
And it ain’t external in any way – yet it takes form and voice in external-to-this-spacesuit objects and events, so that I in the spacesuit can percieve and know It in my senses, and in something that’s beyond my senses as well.
In the Pure Awareness of that Pure Consciousness.
My Pure Knowledge.

And so I awake smiling, knowing.
God is, and I am.

I have awakened a bit more, just through awakening.
And yay, how logic is that anyway!
It’s all provided.
All the clues and doors.

All I needed to do was to remove my self out of my own way.
For that I thank each and every one of my gurus along the way.
And my own willingness.
I guess I must have done something right in some past life, to earn that willingness.

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